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Amer Sulman
Executive Chef

Meet the Chef

My name is Amer Sulman, the founder and head chef of Bindia. I grew up in Punjab in Northern India with two hard working parents who were rarely home when it was time to prepare dinner.

Our neighbours, on the other hand, belonged to one of the known culinary families where ancient recipes and secrets were passed down for generations, and every day our house was filled with the aroma of the magic that happened in their kitchen. This elusive fragrance was almost like a sweet torture: always irresistibly delicious, always out of reach.

So why did our food never smell as theirs?
I entered the kitchen to find out and have stayed here ever since.
It’s where I spend most of my life, but it’s where I was meant to be!

The history of Bindia

It all started with the first restaurant at Trianglen in September 2003. At first, Bindia was strictly a restaurant, but soon our customers began asking for take away as well.

With the increasing popularity of our take away, we decided to open Denmark’s first Indian ‘take away only’ on H.C. Ørstedsvej in 2006.

The new take away place likewise became a success and three years later we did it all again and opened our shop on Gammel Kongevej.

The place on Gammel Kongevej additionally functioned as a much-needed production kitchen, which enabled us to open two new shops on Elmegade and in Lyngby the following years.

Our continual expansion, however, gradually called for bigger and better means of production, and in 2017 we decided to gather our production and administration in Hvidovre.

That same year we sold the shop on H.C. Ørstedsvej as we felt could serve Copenhagen better by relocating. Two years later, we, therefore, opened a new shop on Amagerbrogade and later in Søborg, bringing us to a total of six shops.

Today, all our shops are completely streamlined. So, no matter where you find us, you’ll get the same menu and healthy servings for the same price. All shops have a dine-in option and are open from 16:00 to 21:00 every day.